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strong technique

Strong Technique is a video platform to make you the most successful dancer you can be! Want to learn more? Keep Scrolling!

Video categories include: workouts, technique classes, stretch and mobility, nutrition, professional advice and more to come! 

These videos are for all ages! From beginning to start dance as a kiddo, high school dance team member, professional dancer... this program is for YOU! 

Video times range from 5 minutes to over an hour. No matter how much time you have to train we have a video for you!

What equipment do you need? We have classes that have no equipment, only needing bands, blocks, weights, we have ALL types!

Check out Krista's equipment

GET feedbACK

Strong Technique has the unique benefit of feedback! If you provide a video of your skill, dance move, exercise or whatever you're working on Krista will personally send you feedback! All you do is email in your video and ask your questions.

Have more questions?

Contact Krista Now!

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